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AM GOLD is a New York City based tribute band, performing the adult-contemporary hit songs from the late 1970’s through the mid 1980’s. Artists include Hall & Oates, Steely Dan, Huey Lewis, Christopher Cross, Lionel Richie and so many more! Most of this Southern-California based music has recently experienced a revival known to many as Yacht Rock. This smooth style of music has stood the test of time. Baby Come Back!

AM GOLD formed when NYC drummer, Dan Wintersteen threw a Yacht Rock party with musician friends for his 30th birthday. Yacht Rock was something that resonated with him – he grew up sailing with his father in Western New York and spent his high school years working at the local Yacht club:

“One thing I always noticed was that there was always this adult contemporary pop and jazz-rock music playing at the Yacht Club, so when I heard about Yacht Rock, I was immediately amused and inspired to do something fun with this.”


Dan got some of his musician friends together and performed various shows in the Greenwich Village of NYC. The parties were a huge success and it was apparent that there was demand for this kind of music.


Dan joined forces with NYC singer/saxophonist Jonny Hirsch, also raised by a family of sailors, and launched AM GOLD YACHT ROCK PARTY!

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